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talkin trash truck Talkin' Trash is a family owned and operated company that began in 2001 with one small manual truck and one customer. We began to grow along with the needs of our community and now service many of our neighbors using a fully automated truck. As our continued commitment, we have upgraded our equipment to meet the growing needs of our community and still keep our customers costs down. We strive to find more innovative and effective ways to make Talkin' Trash a valuable asset to our neighborhood and the community at large. We are also a local company we live just up the road or around the corner from you. That in it self is why we are so concerned about how our neighborhood looks to visitors and new home shoppers.

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Missile Base Road area HWY 79 area Marana Picture Rocks area Avra Valley area Gladden area

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In 2001 when we got started it was out off necessity, because I did not want to go to the dump anymore. I called every trash service in the area and they all said that I lived just to far away. I had just closed my business and was looking at a dump truck to buy, when on the other side of it there was a small manual 1981 GMC garbage truck that had belonged to one of the Indian nations. It's windows were broke and it's motor was on it's last leg but it did run with a new carburetor and distributor. So low and behold Talkin' Trash was born with just one customer, me. Ironically I didn't get out of going to the dump.

Service is once a week and cart is provided. Special circumstances will be dealt with individually. Dumpsters are no longer available.

Contact me if you have any questions: 520-616-0719 or